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  • Monthly Maintenance contracts available
  • IT Consultation and Coordination of Voice and Data related projects
  • Consultation and Purchasing of all IT related equipment (telephone sets, PCs, Printers, etc)
  • Network and PC support and connectivity
  • Full Time telephone support during normal business hours
  • Unlimited Remote Support via telephone and VPN (Internet) Access
  • Building Connectivity – Campus setup or Separate Locations (share files, share High Internet Access, Share Email, DMS access, etc)
  • Wireless Connectivity

Remote Access and Phone Support:

  • Remote Access Support and Troubleshooting – PCs and Network
  • Remote Access Changes – PCs and Network
  • Remote Training – PCs and Network
  • Improved Network Performance
  • Scalable Network Design and Consolidation – Combine all network resources through one backbone – including DMS and manufacturer equipment
  • Security and File Protection– Firewalls, Routers, Proxy Servers, Tape Backups
  • Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Equipment Sales, PCs, Flat-Panel Monitors, Routers, Switches
    Local, long distance and regional business calling plans
  • High Speed Internet Access – DSL, Cable, T1
    Remote Access Setup – VPN Solution
  • Network Diagrams & Documentation
  • Computer Room Organization
  • Network and Telephone Cabling
  • Budget analysis for all IT related purchases, expenditures, upgrades and projects
  • DMS Hardware Support – Tape loads, Telnet Connections, etc
  • Cellular phone communication packages and phone sales